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CD Recordings
Here is a list of David’s albums, including record labels and catalogue numbers, that are currently available on CD. The titles below are linked to resources (such as or where further details can be found.

Cara Mia, The Very Best of David Whitfield GLM/Y 52 Memory Lane
David Whitfield The Hits and More JASCD 585 Jasmine
David Whitfield’s Greatest Hits 712342 Hallmark
David Whitfield’s Greatest Hits 820 643–2 Eclipse
The World of David Whitfield 5514052 Spectrum
The Very Best of David Whitfield 5514052 Spectrum
The Very Best of David Whitfield Vol. 2 5442542 Spectrum
The Very Best of David Whitfield Vol.3 5446862 Spectrum
Songs from Stage & Screen DO 901920 Disky
From David with Love CDLK 4264 Vocalion
Love, Tears and Kisses PGNCD 916 Pegasus
The Best of David Whitfield 26525 Delta Music
Cara Mia PLSCD 779 Castle Pulse
Answer Me 705972 Hallmark
Rags to Riches PLATCD 1421 Prism Leisure
Greatest Hits REXX 112 Rex
David Whitfield TM 1437 Time Music
From David With Love 80100480 Universal
Hey There! It’s David Whitfield Bren 109 Brevan / Proper
David Whitfield Live Bren 102 Brevan / Proper
More David Whitfield Live Bren 107 Brevan / Proper
David Whitfield Greatest Hits 8206432 Deram

11 thoughts on “Recordings

  1. Leon Lok

    I recently was intoduced to the music of David Whitfield and am astoundedby his voice. I was pleased that today I purchased a used LP titled “The Return of david whitfield” with the Roland Shaw orchestra

    the London label LL3477. The record appears nowhere on your list and wikepedia. Nonetheless I am enjoying.

  2. David Fewlass

    Hello Leon,
    Many thanks for your enquiry and so nice to hear you like David Whitfield.
    The Return Of David Whitfield is on the American London label. It is the American version the Decca Record titled, Great Songs for Young Lovers which has the same songs on each.
    Some of the American records have a different “B” side to the English versions. It would make the discography page on the site very lengthy.
    I hope this helps.
    Best wishes, David.

  3. Maureen Holtham

    I loved David’s voice magnificent and pure please could you tell me if David ever recorded “The Key””

    1. David Fewlass

      Hello Maureen,
      Yes, David did have. Magnificent voice and I am pleased you enjoyed it.
      Sadly, he did not record “The Key”.
      Sorry the delay in replying, but better late than never.
      David Fewlass. (A previous society chair.)

    2. Alan Sharp

      I don’t think David recorded The Key I do have a copy of Robert Earl singing it, Robert was another UK tenor around in the 50’s without gaining the success that David did.

  4. Alan Sharp

    Do the Ed Sullivan shows starring David still exist and if so is there any chance they might be released either on dvd or on a download basis. I have found one audio on YouTube but would love to see these shows as I guess David’s UK fans have never seen them.

  5. David Fewlass

    Hello Alan,
    The Ed Sullivan shows belong now to company in America and on them a very strong copyright.
    A person in Essex tried to release them some years ago and got their fingers severely burnt
    Because of it. The Americans are very keen to keep the copyright intact. The David Whitfield
    Appreciation Society were granted permission to put on DVD these shows, but with very, very strict
    conditions attached, a very limited number and supplied only to members. They had to have an identifying
    Marking to prove who owned each and every disc. This was to identify any misdemeanours by the society.
    So, no copy should ever come up for sale on any sales outlets.

    As regards to Robert Earl, he was indeed another tenor with a lovely voice. He maybe did not get the full
    credit to which he was entitled. David did not record The Key.
    I hope this is of some help.
    David Fewlass

  6. Mick Dodds

    I have an MP3 of David singing a duet called “Why Shouldn’t We”.

    I’ve tried and tried but I can’t find out who the lady is. Anyone know?

    1. David Fewlass

      Hello Mick,
      Thanks for your interest. This song comes from the show Rose Marie.
      David released a 45rpm record by the same name which includes this song.
      He duetted with a young lady by the name of Janet Waters. Unfortunately, I
      know nothing else about her, but I hope this helps.

  7. Malcolm Rushworth

    Hello, Mr Fewlass, and anyone on here. David Whitfield and his family moved to Kirkella, a rather upscale part of a Hull suburb in the late 1950’s. I recall the house
    sitting on a fairly large plot amongst other really fine homes on that street. I lived in that vicinity back in those days and had many friends. One good friend’s
    parents lived only a few houses away from the Whifields home, which was very notable for having a massive Wrought Iron gate into which the words “CARA MIA”
    had been worked – very neat. I waas then aged about 19 years so would be about 1958. We had many fun times back then, and one evening my friend decided
    to have a party – not a big event, but a few of us, as his parents were not at home for the weekend, and when the party came to a lull, one bright spark decided
    that we should liven things up by taking our friends convertible Singer sports car up the street to David Whitfields house and to call on him to request that he
    came to our party to give us a song or two. So about six of us got into the little car and off we went. However, outside the gate our courage diminishyed and
    after a sobering discussion of our quest, we decided that it would be best if we retreated from the Whitefield Gate. Small incident in my life, but memorable
    anyway, and if a cvertain member of the crowd in the sports car that evening recalls the event, I will be happy that he (or they) also recall those happy days.
    Of course being a local fellow David Whitfield, was alwsays a favorite, of Hull people, and to this day.
    I am resident, for almost 50 years in ther USA, but my formative years were in Hull, at work, school, and with many friends back then, but now far fewer
    as time takes a toll. Happy Days. Thanks for this space. Malcolm Rushworth.

  8. David Fewlass

    Hello Malcolm,
    Very interesting to read your comments about your younger days living near the Whitfield
    home. The house, (Cara Mia) was built on two building plots, and built to their design. The large
    wrought iron gates have been removed and now grace the entrance to a large property in the south of
    England, the home of a Whitfield fan.
    I’m sure if David had been at home and you and your friends were a little braver, David would no
    doubt have sung a tune or two.
    Wherever David appeared throughout the world he and his music was loved.and he never forgot his fans.
    Rain or shine he would sign autographs for them.
    Many thanks for contacting us and I hope you continue enjoying life, including listening to the beautiful
    Whitfield voice.
    David Fewlass.


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